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Hi my name is Caroline Butson.  Welcome to my website branch www.carolinefbutsonpaintings.com showcasing my artwork and the new Tree of Life Centre for Creativity.  This fall 2015, I am offering you a free keynote slideshow presentation for you and your group or club.   Please email me at caroline@tlc4.ca to book a date for your free keynote talk.  I look forward to connecting with you this fall, 2015.

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Being with A Barred Owl

On a warm sunny afternoon not long ago, I had just been for a delicious, refreshing swim in Long Lake. I reached for my towel that I had left hanging on the clothesline and as I turned to walk I felt the urge to turn back and look over my shoulder. To my delight there in the branch of a sapling was a large Barred Owl looking right at me with her deep dark eyes. She reminded me of my cat Tara with her round, flat face and small ears. In fact she was just a few feet above the spot where we had buried Tara a few months ago…








I spoke to her letting her know she was beautiful and thanked her for coming to visit with me. Owl stared back at me, listening, looking, being, blending in with the surrounding woods. She gave me a few minutes to reach for my iphone and take a few photos. She looked surprised, stretched one barred wing then silently disappeared into the branches, pine needles and shimmering sunlight. Wow, all thought vanished as I entered into the wonder of Being. Owl Wing Stretch-1






Caroline Butson’s photo.

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‘Dawn of a New Era’

Oil on Canvas 34" x 44" by Caroline Butson

Oil on Canvas
34″ x 44″
by Caroline Butson

This week I donated one of one of my oil paintings, ‘Dawn of a New Era’ to contribute to the ‘Bring Gary Home’ concert and silent auction to be held on January 4, 2014.   I want to support this worthy fundraiser because Gayle and Gary have been steady supporters of the arts in Muskoka for many years as well they welcomed me into this arts community with numerous Kalaedescope Arts in Education projects and events that they organized. 

I chose this ‘Dawn of a New Era’ because I wanted to give one of my best.  While I was painting it in 2005 I felt uplifted with the warm colours and hopeful about the new era we are beginning which heralds a shift to higher spiritual consciousness creating a more peaceful life on Earth.  My painting practice keeps me connected to Creator as well as grounding me.  Painting always helps me feel the joy inside which I want to share.   I experience freedom of expression when I paint large and bold.

This painting expresses my love of Mother Nature. She is emerging out of the granite rock, standing greeting the rising sun, facing the new millenium with Courage, Strength, Hope, Faith and unconditional Love …Caroline

Note: You will be re-directed to http://www.32auctions.com/bringgaryhome

Go to www.bringgaryhome.ca for more information about Gary Froude and Gayle Dempsey. Continue reading

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Rainbow over Rosseau

I woke this morning to the patter of raindrops falling on my roof.  Stepping out I had to photograph the rainclouds followed minutes later by a rainbow extending across the field and forest.  I love the big sky landscape in Rosseau where I have made my temporary home for the past year.

We are registering the ‘Muskoka Tree of Life Foundation’ this week – I am happy to take this important step towards building the new Tree of Life Centre for Creativity in Muskoka.

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You are So Beautiful

Mist in the morning moves across the open field in colorful strips;  soft pink, yellow, cerulean blue, I would paint a sky for you. My thoughts wander from there to here, now.  Turning my attention inward to my sense of being, I am here for you.  Waiting patiently for the moment when our paths cross again as I walk my path homeward. You who challenge me, uplift me, believe in me, support and protect me.  You are there for me, even from a distance.

Pink mist rising across the green field makes way for the sun’s love today.

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Majestic Visiters at Dawn

Waking from my place of slumber, my gaze casts above me to the soft pink mists that fill the sky and hover over the field and forest outside my window.  I am filled with wonder as I wake up in anticipation of another day.  I feel surrounded by Creators unconditional love here on the edge of the wilderness and this comforts me during this phase of transition in my life.

I step outside into my garden and stop, pause to listen… Is that the sound of hoof beats I hear on the earth?  A few more steps I look and see two adult moose passing along the trail in front of my camp.  Their majestic presence delights me, inspires awe and a sense of wonder in me.  Dark brown healthy coats, strange long legged inhabitants of this wild land at home so close to civilization.

They feel my gaze, stop and watch me with curiosity and we hold each other in our vision for some time enjoying the connection.   Becoming too close for their comfort, they turn away from me, setting off across the open field of grass at a graceful trot,  I watch them retreat until they disappear back into the thick spruce forest where they feel safe again.  Are we not so similar in our own behavior when we need to retreat and camouflage ourselves after a phase of intense contact with another?

I feel gratitude to be given the gift of Moose medicine this morning.  To the Algonquin  Indians , it was known as “mong-soa” or “twig eater”.   Moose is associated with the intuitive feminine energies, the maternal forces of Nature, and the element of Water.

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TLC Gathering of Friends

We are approaching the Summer Solstice on June 21st. This is a time for planting new seeds, for awakening our dreams as well as reaping the fruits of past sowing. It was on June 3rd, 2006 that we came together to celebrate the launch of the new Tree of Life Centre for Creativity in Belfountain. Over the past 7 years it has grown steadily.

This year I have been preparing the way for moving my home and the Tree of Life Centre for Creativity to Muskoka. Much progress has been made reaching out to and building rapport within the Muskoka community, learning about the land, the wildlife and the specific challenges to living and working in that area.

Over the next couple of years, with the support of the community, I am committed to having a loving place built for exceptional children on the autism spectrum where they can explore and develop their gifts, as well as a new studio gallery for my painting.

My Studio Gallery in Belfountain, is for sale and I will be moving on soon.  On Saturday June 15th friends came together to celebrate and share their stories, songs, and laughter.

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Cougar’s Mural


Cougars Mural by exceptional students at K. P. Manson School, Severn Bridge

This spring I was involved in an exciting Kaleidescope Arts in Education project at K. P. Manson Public School in Severn Bridge.  Collaborating with 3 other artists, staff and students from Grade 2 to 8, we worked in a variety of creative mediums on a permanent art installation for the exterior and interior of their school.

I really enjoyed working with the special ed students to create a 4′ x 8′ mural painting to be hung at the entrance to their school.  The students applied themselves to this new challenge, overcame their fears and frustrations and feel proud of their bright and colorful masterpiece.

“Humour, Health & Happiness” was funded by the Kaeidoscope Arts in Education Program of the Muskoka Chautauqua.  Visit www.muskokachautauqua.ca for more information.


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Upcoming Spring Show this Weekend 22,23 & 24th March 2013

This weekend March 22,23, & 24, 2013
36th Annual Spring Members’ Show
A Gala exhibition of Art and Craft by the members of Muskoka Arts and Crafts.
Bracebridge Sportsplex
110 Clearbrook Trail
TODAY Friday 22 March, Opening Reception and Awards Presentation, 7pm-10pm with musical entertainment by Moonglow.
Saturday & Sunday: Demonstrations by artists & craftspeople
Saturday 23rd, 10am-5pm; Sunday, 24th 11am-4pm
Admission by Donation
Free Parking



‘Myth, Medicine & Creativity’

Conte and Oil on Canvas, 16? x 16?


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Thanksgiving’s Brilliant Colours








This week prior to Thanksgiving was a most spectacular display of autumn colours here in Ontario.  I enjoyed walking in the woods soaking up the brilliant colours of the leaves that emit energy just before they fall.  Autumn is my favorite season because I love the cool days and colorful leaves.  I am so grateful for having the gift of painting to be able to express my experience of the world around me with the paintbrush and pastels.  Thank you for being here and for supporting me in my creative journey.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.








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